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al-Azhar Park, Cairo:

Pool of Hezekiah, Jerusalem:


A little bit of internet digging turned up an excellent collection of images of Ottoman sabils on Here are a few of my favorite photographs:

This is the Birkat al-Sultan Sulaiman Sabil, on Hebron Road just outside the Old City.

The Bab al-Silsila Sabil is in a small plaza just outside the Gate of the Chain.

Can you imagine living on the edge of a reservoir? This turn-of-the-century photograph of the Pool of Hezekiah proves that it’s possible…

Image from the G. Eric and Edith Matson Photograph Collection at the Library of Congress.

Old City Rooftops 03

Sketch Muristan Fountain 03

Sketch Muristan Fountain

Sketch Muristan Fountain 02

Sketch Pool of Hezekiah